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From French and German


Your written communication says a lot about your business or brand. To boost your brand’s influence and visibility in the English-speaking market, ensure your marketing materials reflect the original but with the added twist that really makes them shine to an English-speaking consumer.

I am the voice of luxury retailers and food and drink producers throughout France and the DACH region. I can be yours too.

Types of materials I work on



Transport your presence and offerings to English-speaking countries and ensure a safe and successful arrival. What might sound persuasive in French or German may sound confusing to a native English speaker. Let me put to use my passion for language and travel and my experience in translating promotional materials to create content that appeals to English-speaking tourists.

Types of materials I work on


Scientific Research

Would you like to publish your research papers in English so you can contribute to the wider scientific community and get the credit you deserve?

Over the years, I’ve translated and edited numerous scientific research materials, including a paper on the development and applications of a new dental ultrasound device, a research agreement for participating centres and a comparative study of assays for the detection of SARS-CoV-2, among others.

Types of materials I work on

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